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Meet Katie

March 22nd of this year I had a mass removed from my right ovary. The ovary had to be removed as a result. After pathology reports came back, the mass ended up being malignant and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As a result I would need to have chemo and my eggs retrieved and stored.

Mid may I underwent fertility treatment and 7 eggs were stored. I was more than happy to have 7! However the costs of treatment was more than I would have imagined. I felt it was an added stressor on top of the other cancer scares and stressors I had to face.

Life changed dramatically and I was hit with a major battle. However, I have learned that there is beyond support out there and people care and walk the battle with you. Team Maggie has shown me that I don't have to do this alone. They have alleviated financial stressors that have made this battle easier. Thank you Team Maggie❤️


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