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Meet Tionna

Hello, my name is Tionna Troublefield. I have recently been diagnosed with having Sarcoma cancer in my right lung. Although hearing I have cancer isn’t what I was hoping for, it has shifted my perspective on life. Leading up to my cancer diagnosis, I experienced a sharp persistent pain in my chest area. I later found out this was a small blood clot in my right lung which led the doctors to see a mass in that same lung. Fortunately, the blood clot liquified and now we are focused on beating Ms. Sarcoma. One thing I wish I would’ve known before my diagnosis is that life is way too precious to spend unhappily and shouldn’t be half-lived. My aunt likes to say “You don’t have cancer, you’ve been diagnosed with it”. With that in mind, I don’t let it get in the way of me being happy. I might not be able to do everything I planned around this time, but there’s still things I can do like go on nice walks, learn different crafts, languages, and be around loved ones. Being diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer has made me appreciate the little things in my life, the small talks with people, seeing a pretty nature site, and seeing pictures of my dog Kali. If I can make those around me laugh I view it as a bonus point. No matter what type of cancer you have. You all have an inner warrior inside you that can face your diagnosis head on. This is a journey we’re on and I’m so glad we’re not alone.



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