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It's Better Than the Alternative

Every year when my birthday comes around, I feel a variety of emotions come flooding into my head. Some good and of course some bad. I begin to think about previous birthdays, and what I did to celebrate, who my friends were, what happened in my life that year, what I wanna do this year, or what didn't work so well last year. Even though I am always excited to celebrate, after I turned 21 I started to dread adding a +1 to my age. Until a few days ago, when a coworker said to me "it's better than the alternative." her statement hit home for me and I began to analyze life in it's entirety. Not just anyone's life, but my OWN life. A feeling of joy came over me, and I had the biggest smile on my face. This year as I approach my 25th birthday I have made a decision to be proud and excited to be "25." I realized that every year around my birthday will signify being cancer free and completing chemo like a champ. I will graciously take that +1 that I do dreadfully accepted in the past years. It will remind me that some peoples time here on earth is short, and sometimes even shorter than mine already has been. We don't get to make the plans or the rules of life, who dies and who doesn't. We just get to live life to the fullest. Playing the hand we are dealt, making the best of every situation, and never quitting just because things seem tough. I see it now as a luxury to turn another year older, so bring it on 25, it's butt kicking time.

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