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In Jan of 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Brain Cancer with an astrocytoma rumor in my left frontal lobe. I was only 25 at the time when I had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. I avoided chemo/radiation after the first surgery, but since needed a second surgery, which caused the doctors to advocate for chemo and radiation this time around.

I have been told by the doctors that I should handle chemo and radiation fairly well, and they have not reason to believe that I will not be able to return to a completely normal way of life in a few months or so. However, as with most chemo, it puts my chances of having children greatly at risk. I decided that I would pursue egg retrieval and storage so that I do not have to give up on the dream of having my own biological children. However, the process is not covered by insurance and is quite expensive.

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