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Meet Megan

When I was diagnosed with Double Hit Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 24 I researched everything so I was prepared for what was going to happen. This gave me a list of questions to ask the doctor before I agreed to treatment. When I learned the side effects of chemotherapy would affect fertility I was adamant to go through fertility treatment first before I started chemo. I would advise every one not to be afraid to ask a million questions until you feel complete peace about your treatment plan.

I also found other people on Facebook and Instagram which was really helpful to find out what happened to them when they started chemo. I found taking charge of everything including shaving my head before my hair started falling out made it less scary. Just try to

stay positive and know that you will get through it. Don't try and research the outlook for your type of cancer. Instead research thinks like cute head wraps to order and what your port will look like. Focus on things that will help you and not scare you.


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