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I want young women to know the importance of early detection and getting to know your body. If something feels off, go to the doctor. Any doubts, go to the doctor. Women are often told they don't have to worry about checking themselves or going for a mammogram until 40 and after but so many young women are being diagnosed with breast cancer.

I'm 33 and breast cancer diagnosis recently is certainly not what I was expecting. I was lucky though that I checked myself and noticed a lump and went to my doctor to get it checked out. What prompted my self exam was my sister's best friend, same age as me, was diagnosed with breast cancer recently as well. I thought, she's so young and healthy, how could this happened? We do what we can to be healthy and take care of ourselves but sometimes life throws us for a loop, no matter the age. Last thing I would have thought is that we would be battling breast cancer together at the same time. A woman I graduated from high school with also passed away from a stage 4 breast cancer and I've seen others, young and seemingly very healthy, be diagnosed with cancer.

If you feel anything is off, please go to the doctor. It's scary but you could be saving yourself so much time, grief, pain, etc. or you'll get some peace of mind knowing you're alright after all. Just don't ignore your body or instinct if something does not feel right.


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