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Meet Emily

Team Maggie is an important chapter in my cancer journey. They allowed me to have a sense of hope in a very dark time of my life.

In July 2019, 1 week after my honeymoon I was diagnosed with triple positive invasive ductal carcinoma. I had no idea of the implications this diagnosis would have on my entire life, especially my fertility. My husband and I do not have children yet and the news that chemotherapy could effect my fertility came as a shock.

My breast cancer appeared to be high grade and spreading/growing quickly. My doctors gave me only weeks to complete fertility treatment before chemotherapy needed to begin. Within 3 weeks of my diagnosis we were faced with $18,000 of bills for fertility treatment, genetic testing of our embryos (due to me being BRCA2+ discovered after diagnosis ), storage fees, and much more. We were beyond overwhelmed and I faced some very dark days during this time.

When I found Team Maggie For a Cure I exhaled an auditory breath of relief. I felt hopeful and was so glad to know there were organizations that would help me. I finally did not feel so alone. I am so thankful that we were able to be granted some financial help during the turmoil I felt. I have felt nothing but support and love over the last few months since the initial shock has come and gone. Thank you so much Team Maggie for helping me feel like I have a little control over my life. Thank you for recognizing this need to help others in this area. You are so appreciated.


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