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At age 24, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I had just moved to a new city to start my PhD, and my boyfriend and I got an apartment together with plans for a future family and a life together. Chemo is quite literally life-saving, but being told your life is in danger without the treatment, and that the treatment involves jeopardizing all your future dreams of a family is a heartbreaking moment. I knew I had to preserve my eggs while I still had the chance, but the cost without insurance (especially for a 24-year-old student) is quite staggering. Team Maggie helped out and made affording the treatment a possibility. Now I can head into chemotherapy treatment with peace of mind, knowing that I was able to do what I could to plan for the future! Having that additional hope is so critical to going into the chemotherapy positive and determined--thanks Team Maggie for making that possible!


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