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Fearful Of The Financial Impact Of Fertility Treatment!

Cancer is a scary word and being diagnosed with cancer will immediately change your life. Until I was diagnosed, I had no idea just how invasive cancer could be.

Up until 3 months ago, I was healthy and active and my biggest complaints in life were about too much traffic and having an extra 10 (ok, maybe 20) pounds to lose. My symptoms came out of nowhere and quickly increased in severity. After suffering through a week of vomiting 2-5x/day the doctors found a mass in my small intestine and on June 6th, 2017 I was diagnosed with Duodenal Adenocarcinoma.

I am strong person; I am physically strong and equally strong-willed. I took the cancer & surgery news like a champ. I went into practical mode and I put on my positivity hat and said “self, we can do this – we just have to get through surgery.” I was even taking the post-surgery news of chemo very well, but when I was told that I would need to consider my future and whether I wanted children, I cried for the first time. Of course I wanted to have children, but being single at 38 with a new cancer diagnosis and a complete dead-end for any financial assistance from insurance, I didn’t know what to do.

I was very hesitant to make the decision to go forward with the fertility treatments because I was fearful of the financial impact it would have on my life, but my heart knew I needed to give myself this gift and that I would find a way to fight and raise money to help me get through it. Along the way, I found Team Maggie and all of a sudden I wasn’t alone on this journey anymore. I’m so grateful!

I’m fighting for the possibility and hope & belief that one day I’ll be able to be a mom and raise children to be strong, compassionate, caring and giving individuals. My heart is so big and I have so much love to give and I look forward to a future with a family of my own to share that love with. I hope you all keep fighting, too!

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