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There Is Goodness In The World!

In the Summer of 2015 I found out I have the BRCA1 genetic mutation (like Angelina Jolie), that greatly increased my risk for breast cancer. I was put on a stressful, expensive, and time consuming monitoring plan that included regular MRIs, ultrasounds, and mammograms, and at one point- a biopsy that came back benign. Then in November of 2016 I had another biopsy and it did not come back benign. A few weeks later, at age 31, I had a double mastectomy and will soon be starting a short but aggressive course of chemotherapy. Building a family has always been an important part of my future goals. I do not want my cancer to prevent me from doing that. Fertility preservation is a means to help protect that goal, but it is costly. I have worked hard being frugal in order to always pay for my own living expenses while repaying graduate student loans and while exclusively working in the nonprofit field. Finding out I had received assistance with the cost of the egg retrieval process from Team Maggie was the good piece of news I needed during a hard time to help remain strong. I am very appreciative and will remind myself of this act of kindness during the harder times and know there is goodness in the world worth keeping your head up for.

Feel free to reach out to Jamie if you have been diagnosed with cancer as she will be glad to mentor you through what to expect. Contact her through her website:

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