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One Year Later

Today marks one year when I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer. 12/3/2013 is a day I will never forget. It marks the beginning to the craziest journey of my life, and it also marks the day I joined a lifetime sorority of the bravest, strongest, and mist determined women. We may not get to choose every detail of our lives, but we do get to choose how we live it. You can choose to let it beat you down, or you can choose to live it up and make the best of every moment. Living it up and to the fullest was my only option. I had many people ask me if I was mad or upset that I was chosen by cancer, and the truth is I'm not. Yes, I have my moments when I want to ask GOD... Why me? But I wouldn't change what has happened to me over the past year for one second. Cancer has brought so many wonderful people into my life, opened new doors of opportunity, shown me how strong I really am, given me the greatest memories of my life, allowed me to see what and who is important and has shown me the amazing support system that I have constantly fighting in my corner. Do not get me wrong this past year has definitely given me many hurtles to jump and some days i felt like quitting, but I quickly got reminded of the amazing things that are in my life and worth continuing to fight until I kicked it's butt. I have done just that. I completed my entire cancer journey within a year. I have been through 5 surgeries, 4 rounds of chemo, been to too many doctors appointments to count, started a foundation, been in a newspaper, and have been on the news. I have lost some people through this journey, but I have gained some amazing people that I can call family. The entire experience has really opened my eyes as to what I want in life and what's important. I feel I have been given a second chance to start over. To really make a difference in the world, or maybe just in one individual's life. Regardless, I am happy to be alive and excited to start on my new adventure in life as a breast cancer survivor at 25!

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