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Life Is a Journey

This past weekend was such an amazing experience, and I'm truly blessed I was able to participate!!! It definitely opened my eyes to a whole new perspective, and allowed me to see who and what is important! The ones in my life and who have been there for me through thick and thin have always been there, and the ones who walked out and are no where to be found are gone for a reason. If you haven't realized that life is too short and that life is all about being happy and enjoying everyday to it's fullest. It's about making mistakes, falling down, and learning to get back up and keep fighting. It's about falling in love and realizing nothing or no one will ever be perfect, but you can find perfect in everything and everyone. Life is about finding that one person you can't stand, but love more than anything in this world and just enjoy going through life's crazy journey together no matter the cards your dealt. Life is a journey not a destination. My #wcw is my beautiful momma she is not only my mom but has truly become my best friend. I'm so blessed GOD chose you as my momma! Thanks for everything and thank you for kicking butt and waking 60 miles to raise awareness :)

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