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Erica DeLana officially joined Team Maggie in 2015 but has been an avid supporter since its founding. Maggie and Erica met in 10th grade while playing high school and travel softball and have remained close since graduation. "Seeing a close friend go through chemo at such a young age really makes you realize how quickly things can change. Support systems mean everything." Cancer is something that touches everyone at some point in their life, whether it's your own battle or the battle of a loved one or friend. As a young adult with so many unknowns, the thought of not being able to have your own children on top of everything else can be devastating. This is why Erica believes so much in Team Maggie. Team Maggie's dream of educating and providing resources to young adults gives hope and excitement to what is otherwise a time of uncertainty. Erica received her Bachelors of Science from North Georgia College & State University (now University of North Georgia) and works in Human Resources.

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