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Financial Support for
Fertility Preservation

for Young Adults with Cancer. 

"Keep The Dream Of Family Alive". 

About Team Maggie's Dream

Team Maggie's Dream started in 2015. The Team Maggie's Dream charity came about because of the personal journey of Maggie Davis, a 24-year old young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec. 2013.  One of the added burdens Maggie had to face, after receiving the devastating news that she had breast cancer was the possibility of becoming infertile because of the drugs prescribed for treatment. It is a heavy burden for a young adult to find the funds to complete fertility preservation and storage fees with very short notice. During this journey, the idea was born that there should be a resource available to help young women and men in their time of crises:  thus Team Maggie's Dream, a 501(c) was created.

Learn More about Fertility & Cancer.

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Get Involved

Join Team Maggie's Dream and our team of donors, sponsors, and volunteers to support, educate and provide financial assistance to teens and young adults with cancer seeking fertility preservation. 

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Grant Information & Process

Team Maggie's Dream purpose is to provide financial assistance to young women and men for the purpose of preserving eggs and sperm.  If you are interested in applying for a financial grant to help subsidize the cost of egg or sperm preservation through Team Maggie's Dream, please read below and complete and submit the grant application. 

Supporting Our Community

Learn more about Team Maggie's Dream through our grant recipients! Read their stories & learn more about their personal journeys.


featuring recipient, Emily

"...When I found Team Maggie For a Cure I exhaled an auditory breath of relief. I felt hopeful and was so glad to know there were organizations that would help me. I finally did not feel so alone. I am so thankful that we were able to be granted some financial help during the turmoil I felt. I have felt nothing but support and love over the last few months since the initial shock has come and gone. Thank you so much Team Maggie for helping me feel like I have a little control over my life. Thank you for recognizing this need to help others in this area. You are so appreciated."

Impact Story

Calendar of Events

Get involved by attending an upcoming Team Maggie's Dream event! Can't make it in person, consider making a donation or fundraising instead. Learn more!

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