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Meet Morgan

Hello, my name is Morgan Doorley and I am a 20-year-old college student. In October of 2020, I was a busy girl working full time as a cook in a breakfast restaurant and living on my own. I had just begun my college journey after taking 2 years off to decide what I wanted to study. I had noticed a small lump in my neck and went to the doctor.

After a month and a half significantly in the time it took to finally get a diagnosis. I started my chemotherapy treatments right before New Years of 2021. I was thankfully able to go through the egg preservation process before my chemotherapy started. The intensive and extensive chemotherapy protocol for my specific type of NHL is known to cause infertility.

I was able to freeze 17 eggs! And Team Maggie granted me money that helped me to be able to stress less about the financial burden of being a cancer patient. I am so very thankful for their support and the community that they provide for young men and women going through this life-changing experience. Thank you Team Maggie!


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