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Okie dokie today was the day... NO MORE DRAINAGE TUBES!!!! I swear I could sing it on the top of the mountains about how excited I am to be done with those awful things. I am sure my mother and Anthony are just as excited to not have to milk and drain them anymore. 3 weeks was way too long lol. Not only did they take the drainage tube out today but they filled them 50cc more each side. A little chest tightness, but other than that feeling great. Ready to hear what the oncologist has to say about treatment plans...thank GOD for one more step down and another closer to kicking cancers ugly butt!!! Thank you everyone for the continued prayers, love, and support!!! I will have to say without all of you this would be so much harder.. And on a side not I love you all even the people I have just met over Facebook because of this whole situation. I am truly one blessed girl. O yes and I am thankful for a curtain in the room for my momma to hide behind... Sorry had to!

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