Imagine hearing you have Cancer!!!  Then Imagine hearing the treatment you need to save your life could cause you to be infertile ending your chance to have a family one day.


The cost of preserving fertility can be as much as $10,000+ which for a 15-37 year old along with the bills from a cancer diagnosis is incomprehensible.  Hence Team Maggie's Dream was born.   Our goal is to raise enough money so everyone who wants to be a Mom or Dad after fighting cancer has the opportunity to preserve their fertility before treatment.  


Here is what a current Team Maggie's Dream Grant Applicant said and why we Need your help, "I was more devastated  hearing I may not be a Mom than hearing I had cancer.  I do not want to become infertile and lose out on giving birth to a baby boy or girl."   Please help this grant applicant preserve her fertility.


Team Maggie's Dream provides grants up to $2500 toward the cost of fertility preservation, to "Keep The Dream of Family Alive".  Every penny of your donation will go to the next grant application we receive.   For only $20 a month you can make a difference in some ones life by giving them hope of a family.  


Your donation  or fundraiser "Keeps the Dream  of Family Alive" and gives them Hope through the treatment needed to save their life, and for a life after cancer!! 

Team Maggie's Dream Giving Tuesday