Give a Gift

As a newly diagnosed cancer patient phone calls and doctors visits are never good news just reminders cancer has invaded your body.  When you receive the call from Team Maggie that you have been awarded a grant it is the best news you have heard.  Once you have received this gift of love you want to help the next young adult with cancer to receive the same gift of Keeping The Dream of Family Alive.   A “Gift to Give” is how our Young Brave and Beautiful recipients make sure the next young adult diagnosed with cancer has the same opportunity as they did.  They accomplish this through their grassroots fundraising efforts.  “A Gift To Give” comes from the Heart of our Grant recipients.    


Some examples of grassroots fundraiser are:  Birthday Fundraiser on social media, Sponsorship to run a 5K or 10K, a Polar Bear Plunge, Team Softball Game, or Pick a Number.     

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